LOSING WEIGHT (Pages 63-64)

“Do you realize Sterling has gained more than a pound since his last visit? He’s not overweight but, if he gets fat, you won’t be able to lift him. You’ll have to cut back on his food.” I like my vet, but I didn’t like what I heard him say. I like to eat. It is one of the things I enjoy most in life. I like to have food left over after breakfast, to nibble on throughout the day. I like a generous portion in the evening. But I always try to save some for a bedtime snack. Cut back? “You’ve got to be kidding,” I want to tell the vet. I want to ask, “When? How much?”

I soon find out. M searches through her kitchen drawer for a smaller measuring scoop. When I go to my bowl, I can see through the food to the bottom. Oh no! Rationing has begun. I start eating and gobble it all down until not even one crunchy morsel is left. I don’t want any of it to get away. I realize I have eaten more than usual at one sitting. If only I could burp, like M does when she is too full! As I walk away from the empty bowl, I wish I had saved a little for just before bedtime. It is too late. Already, I am looking forward to breakfast.

M is probably wondering why I am so very still, while she is reading in bed. I have a lot to think about. This cutting back on food is serious business. I continue to mull it over in my mind even after M turns out the light. Finally, I decide what I will do: eat slowly, and that will make it seem like more; always leave a little food in my bowl; keep away from the kitchen as much as possible, and get busy tossing my mouse when I think of eating. The birds and squirrels could use more of my attention. I can spend time chasing the ball around in my new circle toy.

Then I remember that M exercises to keep her weight down. I like to race around the house. I will race twice as much—maybe even faster, if that is possible! Won’t the vet be surprised at our next visit? “My word, Sterling, you have lost more than a pound,” he will say.



There is an ideal weight range for me.
How would I feel if I were at that weight?
How would it affect my health?
I need a specific plan to get there, and commitment.
I need persons who can help.
I need a date to start.

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